5 Interesting Cleaning Facts

  1. Don’t Fear Hand Sanitizer
    Hand sanitizer does not create antibiotic resistance. Alcohol-based sanitizers destroy the cell walls of germs quickly and then evaporates away. Leaving no time for creating resistance.
  2. Take your time when Spraying and Cleaning Countertops
    The “dwell time” of cleaning products is an important step in the cleaning process. Some cleaners need to be left on a surface for 30 or even 60 minutes to work properly. Plus, you can reduce scrubbing time by allowing the cleaner to soak in.
  3. Too Clean Can Actually Be A Problem
    Exposure to dirt is necessary for the development of a good immune system. It’s important to let your kids play outside and don’t over-sanitize the environment.
  4. Closing The Lid IS A Good Thing
    Close the lid of the toilet before you flush. The “spray” from the flush actually allows for bacteria to fly around the room. Yuk!
  5. Work Can Make You Sick
    Really! There is such a thing as your “work is making you sick”.  This is due to pollutants in the air and unhealthy cleaning practices within a building, especially in buildings with several employees. Make sure your building isn’t making you sick by calling RAFCO Clean today!