Most of us can’t stand winter: shoveling snow, precarious roads, or having to keep windows and doors shut for warmth. Still, there’s plenty to love about cold weather, especially for those who are generally healthy and, for the most part, active:

  • MAXIMIZE SLEEP: not only will winter weather help you shed a little weight by burning energy to keep your core temperature at its favored 98.6°, but it also improves your metabolism while you sleep. To minimize discomfort by suddenly sleeping in a cold bedroom, simply lower your thermostat by a couple degrees each night, so your body can adjust. You can even save a little money on energy costs!


  • IMPROVED CONCENTRATION: did you know that your brain works better when it’s colder? The ideal work temperature for offices is 62°: anything less will cause distraction from being chilly, and this has been found to be the perfect range to stay alert and make work more productive.


  • BETTER SKIN: although most believe that cold weather leads to dry skin (which can cause wrinkling or cracking), a 2010 Harvard Health Letter states that, “…moderately cold temperatures could be good for the vasculature because it trains blood vessels in the skin to be responsive.” Say hello to those rosy cheeks! If you already have dry skin, a good moisturizer or coconut oil cleansing will keep you balanced.

There will always be a reason to cringe when the temperatures drop and the snow starts flying, but now you’ve got a few reasons to bundle up and embrace the season!