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Winter Cleaning Tip

Replace Air Filters & Clean the Furnace According to the EPA, you should change your HVAC filters at least every three months to ensure your air stays clean. After replacing the filters, soak dusty ventilation covers in a hot water … Continue reading

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The Most Forgotten Places To Clean In Your Home

Your Home May Not Be as Clean as You Think! You take a lot of pride in your home and keeping it clean and healthy… but how clean is it really? You might take your cleaning methods to the hilt … Continue reading

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Cleaning vs. Sanitizing vs. Disinfecting

It’s been proven that occupant/worker well-being and productivity is positively impacted by cleaner, healthier buildings. While this is excellent news, it’s easy to blur the lines between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting — which means the best hygienic practices aren’t always … Continue reading

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How Professional Commercial Cleaning can actually SAVE you money!

Prevent bigger problems with regular cleaning and maintenance. Small problems can be addressed early on before they turn into larger – and likely more expensive – problems.  A good example is proper floor care and regular maintenance allows for small … Continue reading

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How Clean are Your Cleaning Tools?

The time has come for some deep cleaning around the house before cooler weather hits… but how many times have you used that mop? Those cloths? That sponge? Using dirty cleaning tools will negate all your hard work, however by … Continue reading

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3 Ways Many Facilities Service Providers Will Fail You & How to Avoid It

No matter how spotlessly commercial janitorial services may present themselves in print or online, most places are more focused on making themselves shine before your facilities. Here are a few common problems businesses run into, and how Rafco Clean will … Continue reading

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Professional Pressure Wash Service is SMART Business

It is important to keep your place of business clean and sanitized.  How CLEAN  your storefront is or the first approach to your space gives your customers a sense of what to expect.  If the parking garage is your customer’s … Continue reading

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Ready for Summer? Here’s How to Keep Both Cool and Clean!

When the season warms up, the urge to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather rises – but that can mean the messes in your house do, too. Kids are running in and out, be it with wet swimsuits and … Continue reading

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Why Are Clean Doors Important for Your Office?

When you think about keeping your office fresh, clean, and healthy for your visitors, it’s important to pay attention to more than just the floors, furniture, and surfaces. Some of the most touched items in any commercial building are the … Continue reading

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How to Make it a Clean Summer Break

You might have heard the term ‘team cleaning’ bouncing around your cleaning company or office before. But do you know what it really means? Team cleaning is known as a rather systematic and efficient method to clean any office or … Continue reading

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